Hello fellow MALA Members! Recently several MALA Board Members, including myself, had the honor to have lunch with Governor Parson in his hometown of Bolivar, Mo. It was a great opportunity for us to let the Governor know firsthand and in person the hurdles and obstacles we face everyday as owners and operators of assisted living and residential care facilities across the state. We were able to speak to the Governor about several issues including our desire to reform Certificate of Need as well as the future of the personal care program and the low reimbursement rate we currently get.

The Governor looked at everyone in the room and asked if we had ever invited our legislators into our facility so they could see what we do everyday and the care we give to our residents! I told the Governor that I have and my Representative will call me if he has a question regarding legislation that may affect the industry. The Governor looked at me and said “If he or she is calling you it’s to late!” “You as an owner and operator should have already spoken to your legislator and let them know your opposition or support of legislation before they have to call you!”

So with this advice, I highly encourage each of you to join us on March 27th and together lets be sure our voices are heard loud and clear by our Senators and Representatives as we protect the future of our industry!

Jackie Hartman
MALA President

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